Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tahini and Almond Milkshake

So recently I rediscovered Tahini and I love it! It’s great to have something that I like and can tolerate with my condition!  I was looking for another energy boost the other day and thought how nice would Tahini be in a milkshake? Yes I’m addicted  :)

And well I made this milkshake. You either love it or hate it, my husband does not like it ;( And while I usually value his opinion about what not to post, I couldn’t resist with this one because I love it! I don’t get that yucky feeling in my belly once I have it like I do with other shakes and the almond meal gives me a good energy boost. So enjoy if you are interested! 

Tahini and Almond Milkshake
2 cups of Almond Milk
5 Tablespoons (Roughly) of Almond Meal
4 Tablespoons Chocolate Chip
6 Tablespoons Tahini 
3 Tablespoons Almond Milk
Crushed Ice (optional)

  • Melt the chocolate chips, tahini and the three tablespoons of almond milk in microwave for 20 seconds in 10 intervals.
  • Blend the 2 cups of almond milk and almond meal in a blender just until combined. With the motor running low, pour the chocolate and tahini mixture in the centre and blend until combined.

These are my favourite ingredients at the moment!

Blessings Baby Blessings

I have wanted to use this saying when I saw it on Bobbie Houston’s twitter for a Colour Conference. ;)

LOVE Anita x

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