Thursday, 18 April 2013

Family - Cherish Always

For 2012 Christmas gifts I made several wooden signs for family and friends. Here is one I came across in my pictures. My husband was very fond of this saying and wanted me to paint it for family. I wasn’t really sold on it but decided to do it because he really liked it.

I found the saying on More Than Sayings Blog (although we added a sentence)

The piece of wood I used was from an old looking 1970’s cupboard we took down in our dining room. It was really nice to work with and very smooth.  I think even cheap wood was better quality back in the day!

Some simples step to creating this sign:
  • Although it didn’t need it I sanded it lightly just because I got a new sander and wanted to use it!
  • I painted the bottom coat with a grey Dulux paint (Grey Cast to be exact) I had in the garage. I really wasn’t sure what effect I was trying to get, but I love greys and whites.
  • Once the grey coat dried I applied Wattyl Aquatrim white paint which I had left over too.
  • When it completely dried, I sanded it by hand with 150 grit sand paper to get that weathered effect. I tried using a lower grit paper but it left scratch marks so I just stuck with the 150 paper.
  • Once I had positioned the writing on the wood and applied it with carbon paper and a pencil. I gently sanded the letters a little before painting them. This is because when writing the letters on the carbon paper it can smudge on wood and leaves marks.

Final result:

Admittingly this is my husband’s favourite sign not so much mine but I think it turned out ok considering I was not sure what effect I was going for.

Now for some more sign ideas.
LOVE Anita X

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