Monday, 22 April 2013

G’day to another lovely rainy day

Well, apart from renovating our kitchen over the weekend I had a lovely weekend.  We went to a 1st birthday party which was fun and I got to catch up with my lovely friend who visited from Sydney and that was fun.

Today, I am looking at making some signs and was going through others I have made to decide what colours I want to go with. I made the sign below as a gift. I like the colours and think the white writing is quite effective.
As the quality of photo is not great, I included two photos, one which I enhanced and the other unedited. I added them both for you to decide which you prefer!


Well, just to keep you informed I am working on selling some signs on Etsy ( in the near future therefore if anyone interested in ordering one please feel free to email me. I will provide more details soon. Please keep me in mind though the signs are made from reclaimed wood therefore every sign will be unique.

Out of His fullness we have all received grace. John 1:16

LOVE Anita X

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