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Tiffany & Co. Cake: A few how to tips

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A while ago I trialed a Tiffany & Co cake and I almost nailed it. Unfortunately at that time I couldn't find any online tutorials so it was a bit of a guessing game plus trial and error. My mistake was that I covered the top half of the cake with fondant to create the lid and instead of cutting the excess of fondant off after I placed it on the base of the cake I tucked the excess fondant under the lid. This made the lid look uneven after I placed it on the base of the cake, so it just doesn't look right. Needless to say I learnt from my mistake and got it figured out for next time. J

Here are a few tips on what I did figure out first go.
  • I coloured white fondant mixing an aqua green and a blue colour until I had the right consistency in colour. I copied the colour of a Tiffany & Co. box I had.
  • I used two square 8 inch cakes one for the base and the other one I cut in half to use as the lid.
  • I covered the base with fondant and let it set and then covered the cake for lid with fondant. As I mentioned I tucked the excess fondant under the lid, rather cutting the excess fondant off with a knife once the lid was placed on the base of the cake.
  • I let them both set overnight.
  • I also made the bow the same night. I rolled bits of paper towel and put them in bow and under the loops of the ribbon while it dried overnight.
  • The next day I cut some white fondant to make the ribbon.
  • I sprayed the ribbon and bow with an edible pearl spray and let that dry for few minutes.
  • Using gum paste I glued the ribbon and bow on the cake.
  • For the Tiffany & Co. writing, I just used word document to create a mirror image which I printed on a piece of paper.

  • I copied the writing from the printout onto parchment paper.

  • I lightly pressed the parchment paper on the cake and used edible ink to trace the writing on the fondant.
  • Using edible black gel with a fine brush I painted the letters. The black gel can take days to dry so try not to touch it and smudge it like me! J

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