Thursday, 19 June 2014

Finn McMissile, British Intelligence B'day Cake


Months have passed since I last wrote on my blog, I actually thought I wouldn't write anymore but seeing today I had a few minutes I thought why not. My son had his birthday a few months ago which he requested I make a Finn McMissile cake from the movie Cars 2... not McQueen, not Mater but Finn McMissile, British Intelligence! :)

I wasn’t really motivated to make a time consuming cake, thanks to my second pregnancy where I don’t feel like cooking or baking at the moment. Somehow I managed, mind you it took me a two full days, but it was totally worth seeing my little ones reaction.

Noah asked if he could play with it lol and warned me to be careful when carrying it! Too cute.

I took 100’s of pictures as it did take me two full days to make :) here are some. Sorry there is no how too as my old camera broke and I was looking for a new one at that time. These pictures were taken with my sisters camera.

And to finish, enjoy some Finn McMissile Trivia
  • His license plate is 314 FMCM, which includes a reference to his initials. The number 314 is his voice actor Michael Caine's birthday (March 14)
  • Finn made a cameo in Toy Story 3 on a poster in Andy's room.
  • Finn's tires read "Firewall".
  • Finn's grille resembles a Van Dyke moustache.
  • “I'm looking for a car.” Finn McMissile's first line in Cars 2.

Have a great weekend!

Anita x

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