Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Healthy Chocolate Dessert Recipes – Mine and Noah’s 5 Favourites!

I am totally into healthy desserts lately but only if the recipe includes chocolate, it’s the only way I will eat them! 

I realize that's an oxymoron statement - but really besides the chocolate every other ingredient is mostly healthy! Isn't dark chocolate considered good for you anyway? ;) My two year old seems to be taking after me with his love for chocolate. :) 

We have a few favorites in our house which my two year old and I devour very quickly! Noah’s favorite as well as mine at the moment is the Chocolate Avocado Torte! It’s so divine and the texture is smooth and creamy and if I don’t have the torte in the fridge I make the chocolate avocado shake which is just as good.

Noah and I were already eating avocados almost every day and now with these yummy desserts we are eating them twice as much! So my husband is growing avocado plants for us (how sweet) – can’t wait... imagine all the Tortes we will devour! Lol But I love and prefer that Noah snacks on this instead of processed bought food.

So for those interested in healthy chocolate dessert recipes here is a list of mine and my son’s 5 favorites!

1. Chilled Chocolate Avocado Torte

2. Chocolate Avocado Shake ( I discovered this shake when reading one of my favorite food blogs by Ann Jones ps Thanks Ann!)

3. Double Chocolate Cookies (gluten and grain free)

4. Molten Chocolate Tahini Cupcakes

5. Raw Almond Butter Cups

Happy Healthy Chocolate Eating!

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Love Anita x


  1. You're so sweet! Thanks for the mention :) All your links sound so good! I love using avocados in chocolate recipes!

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