Sunday, 28 July 2013

Decorating Cupcakes Pink and Purple

Hello Lovely Friends, 

I was going through some old photos and found these cupcakes that I decorated with leftover pink and blue fondant. I wasn't really fond of this colour combination but I didn't want to waste the fondant so I practiced decorating cupcakes. 

I was working on my bows, roses and piping at the time... you probably can tell! Considering I didn't like either pink or blue fondant the cupcakes didn't turn out too bad I think! 

I also decorated a dozen cupcakes in white fondant on a separate occasion. 

Well, this is probably the shortest post ever. Oh I must mention that when I post recipes I supposedly always forget an ingredient here and there! Sorry! My lovely sister (Thanks Stef) trials a lot of the recipes I post and kindly reminds me what I fail to include in my recipes! So if a recipe doesn't turn out please be sure to email me.

‘If God knows about the little sparrow that falls to the ground, He knows about your cares.’ Greg Laurie

Have a great week friends, 

Love Anita x


  1. Those look beautiful! I can cook, but my cake and cupcake decorating isn't great :)