Monday, 10 June 2013

DIY Pantry - No more pantry in my living room...

Hi friends,
I hope you are having a super great Tuesday. When I started this blog I never intended to write about our house renovations. But I am so impressed with my husband and our DIY work that I thought I would share the first room we have finished in our house. Our Pantry...
As many of you lovely ladies would know it’s not easy living with your pantry in the living room for several months so I am over the moon I have a place to organise my stuff!Now hopefully none of my foods will expire because I can see what I have in my pantry! Lol.
Our kitchen is very small and yet it still has taken months to renovate! My hubby has done it all himself expect for the plumbing, tiling and electrical work. Oh and my dad was our unofficial foreman, he would come and check up on us at the end of his day and correct us if needed! J
Our home grown pumpkins!
I found this bag in Sydney and I thought it would be nice to store bottles of oils in it.
Here are some pictures of the process. I will try not to keep them long and bore you.
Pantry Before
Firstly we (ok my hubby, I looked after Noah) put up the frame. We measured the pantry to be 1 metre deep and 3.5 metres wide, which includes the void for the refrigerator.
We added the plasterboard (oh ok my hubby) added the plasterboard. We also added v –groove plywood against the wall in the pantry as I like the wood panelling effect it gives when it is painted white.
Then my hubby added the wooden upright planks, the timber planks on either side for the side shelf support.
I painted the shelves then got three pieces of long Tasmanian oak which I glued together and left them overnight to stick.
I used Feast Watson black prooftint wood stain and added a couple of drops on a damp cloth and then lightly smeared it on the oak timber to give it this finished effect.
My hubby cut it to size and we glued it to one of the shelves to make a feature type of bench and so I could put things I need to easily access on there.
We added the frame around the door and a cavity sliding door.
And “hey presto” the pantry!
Organising it - I have tried to keep it organised as much as possible and not jam everything in there but because our sliding door is see through - now always have to keep it organised. Lol I don’t know why I do things like that.
All my cake stuff and food is on the left side so you can't see it throught the glass door.
But this is what you see ahead gives the impression I'm organised this way ; )

Our tiny kitchen is almost finished so I am excited about that I will post some photos of that because for those who have renovated it’s just nice to show someone your hard work!
My lovely sister sent me this verse today that encouraged me so I thought I would share it, ‘Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life...’ Psalm 23:6
Love Anita x


  1. I am VERY jealous of your pantry/storage space! There never is enough is there! It looks very nice too!

  2. Your husband is amazingly talented! And so are you with your organization and decor. Congrats on getting your pantry out of your living room :)

  3. What great ideas! Will definately be back to read your blog:)