Monday, 10 June 2013

Buttercream Ruffles on cupcakes tutorial

Hi folks,
After my ‘Chocolate Ruffle Cake,’ post, I received a few emails requesting how to make them. I have been postponing the tutorial until I bought a better camera but as I have received a couple more emails requesting how to make the butter cream leaves from my post ‘Super Easy Gluten Free Cupcakes,’ I thought I would make a ‘mini how to’ with what I have now - my little old trusty digital camera. (Don’t worry, I am in the market for a new camera and if you have one your happy with please I would love to know about it. I could always use some advice!) J
So I put together two mini presentations on how to make them both. Being an amateur cake decorator I am just showing those who are interested what works for me. Unfortunately after several takes with my camera- hubby, the leaf demonstration video turned out a little blurry. But both give the overall gist of how I made the butter cream leaves and ruffles.

Due to camera shyness here are some things I failed to mention while filming. : )
  • I used Donna Hay butter cream.
  • I covered the cupcake prior to adding the butter cream with fondant, as I didn’t have enough butter to make more butter cream. It is important that you first cover the cupcake with either butter cream or fondant before adding your ruffles and leaves as they will not stick to the cupcake alone.
  • I used Wilton tip 352 for the leaves and Wilton tip 104 for the ruffles.
  • If you are interested in making the bigger ruffles like the ones I made for the ‘Chocolate Ruffle Cake,’ I used a Wilton tip 406.

So hopefully while it is of poor quality it does give an idea of how I made the ruffles and leaves for those who emailed me.

Mmmm and next time I will be sure to make notes to help with those camera nerves. LOL!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Have a super gorgeous week.

Love Anita x


  1. Hi Anita! 5 Wows for this! I also love decorating cakes and cupcakes, but as of now I don't have much time and materials for this. So i am just contented filling myself up with knowledge about this whole thing. And your cupcake designs are my new inspiration.


    Kristine @ A Changed Life

  2. These are super cute and fun! I love the colors you chose! I did some ruffle cakes once, but it never occurred to me to try it on cupcakes! :)