Monday, 17 June 2013

Hello Monday!

I can’t believe its the start of another week... so soon. Today, I don't know what to blog about. Does anyone have those days? For my own sanity I like blogging a couple of times a week but I can't think about what to write. :)
It's been crazy busy for us so my head is all fuzzy and I'm not thinking cleary today, so I thought I would just share these pictures I took about year and half ago when I first discovered cake decorating. These are my pride mock cakes!  I kinda went all out having fun and practicing cake decorating; it was all new to me back then. lol

Cake 1: I made this purple three tier mock cake as I wanted to try out this lovely Wilton violet colour and practice piping on the side of the cake. As you can see I need little more practice piping on the sides.  (lol) Of course it would be a lot easier if I had an angle turntable but as cake decorators know it can get a bit pricey so you just make do with what you have! J
Cake 2: I love the brush embroidery effect. It’s so pretty, so easy and fun to do.
  • Immediately after I covered the cake with fondant while it was still soft, I stamped the fondant with a flower cutter.
  • I used royal icing I had prepared in a piping bag with round tip and outlined the imprint.
  • With a damp brush, I brushed the outline of the royal icing, dragging the royal icing (long brush strokes) from the outline to the centre. The brush strokes should be visible.
  • I did this until completed the imprint.

Cake 3: I made this mock cake in a Wilton class I took. It didn’t look like this in the class as I changed it at home and made the roses fuller, using bigger circle cutters than the Wilton course recommended (they just looked too small). I used Wilton Creamy Peach colour and created three different shades to get the colours of the roses.
Had a lot of fun making these mock cakes although I don’t recommend it as it can be expensive. I can’t wait til my sister’s birthday where I can put to practice my cake decorating skills! Hope shes ok with it ;)

Lotsa love and blessings

You are a God of compassion and mercy, slow to get angry and FILLED with unfailing LOVE and FAITHFULNESS. Psalm 86:15

Anita xx


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    Love the cakes by the way

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  2. Beautiful cakes! I'm an artsy, craftsy mommy writing and illustrating funny children's books! Hope you'll follow back! Melissa and

  3. Those cakes look delicious. I'm not a huge cake eater but I would love to eat those especially the yellow one. Visiting from GrowingUpMadison.

  4. Your cakes are beautiful! I have many days when I have no idea what to write, I've been there many times :)