Monday, 24 June 2013

DIY Climbing Ladder Shelf

Hi there lovely ones,

Well, our diy renovation on our tiny kitchen is almost complete and I am just adding the final touches now. Yay! So I was trying to decide what I should put against our blank wall in the kitchen, plus where to store my tons of cookbooks and seeing that I really love the climbing ladder shelf; you know the “A” looking ones J I thought that would go perfect as it wouldn’t use too much space as I hardly have any room left in the kitchen now! Lol.
So I asked my handy hubby to help me make one, using slotted shelving steel I got from trusty old Bunning’s. At first we were unsure about the slotted steel look but we both liked the result, the ONLY problem is - it soooo does not suit the kitchen space I had in mind for it! J (It’s a completely different look!) So I have moved it outside where I have put all my hubby’s pot plants on there as he needed a home for them.
I think I have mentioned that he collects all kinds of seedlings from our fruit and veg kitchen scraps so hopefully we will have apples, avocados, fennel, mango, and parsley, ginger and an olive tree in the not too distant future.
He has already grown loads of butternut pumpkins and tomatoes from seedlings, so he is definitely doing something right! J (I’m a little proud if you can sense the tone.)
As for the climbing ladder shelf, I made it by using:
4 slotted steel “L” bars black 32x32x 1.5 x 2400mm
4 slotted steel “L” bars black 32x32x 1.5 x 600mm
1x Nuts, bolts and accessories for Shelving starter pack
3 pine wood board 290mm x 1800mm
Feast Watson Prooftint black stain
  • I first cut the 4 x 600mm slotted steel bars in half. This made 8 x 300mm lengths.
  • I worked out where I wanted the shelves and then attached 4 of the 300mm lengths to 2 of the longer 2400mm bars with the nuts and bolts provided. So easy!
  • We did the same to the other two 2400mm bars. This gave us two “H” frame ladders with four steps.
  • We joined the two “H” frames at the top to form one “A” frame ladder.
  • We positioned the completed “A” frame ladder to the desired stance.
  • My hubby measured the pine wood board shelves so that each one overhangs 20 cm on the side.
  • Shelf measurements from the top:
  • 690mm, 970mm, 1250mm, 1500mm.
  • Once he had cut them to size, we cut 4 slots, 30mm from each edge and 200mm from each end. We don’t have a jigsaw so we drilled a 10mm hole at each of these points, then used a hand saw to cut a slot from the each  of the board to the hole. This seemed to do the job! J

  • I stained the wood using 'Feast Watson Prooftint stain' with damp cloth.

So while I got this look with the climbing ladder totally wrong for the kitchen at least it is now looking spunky outside with our pot plants on it instead! Now back to what to put in that empty kitchen space. J
Have a super gorgeous week.

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Rejoice in the Lord Always.” Philippians 4:4
Anita x


  1. What a great idea! I'm not quite that constructive, but maybe I can get my significant other to build one of these. I love it!

  2. What a great idea for holding plants! I love that your husband starts plants, that's awesome :)

  3. This is super nifty, I love the industrial look! A perfect spot for seedlings, I'd love one of these in my pool room. :)

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