Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Noah thinks this train is being really useful!

Hello there,


Mmmm Sesame street or Thomas?
Remember my post about the sesame street birthday cake I made for Noah on his second birthday. Well as I had some pieces of cake left over I tried my hand at making a tiny Thomas the Tank Engine cake. Yes crazy I know! It’s not like the sesame street cake and few other desserts I made weren’t enough! I wanted to try it because for reasons I don't understand Noah has a special love for Thomas the Tank Engine!


This was a very rushed cake experiment so I didn’t take many photos as I didn’t think it would turn out. But for an amateur who was taking short cuts it's not too bad, at least my Noah thinks so! Every time I make a cake now Noah asks if its a 'Thomas cakey!'
I am hoping Noah grows out of his love for Thomas but if I have to make it again at least it will be easier.

Tips I remembered that I applied:
  • I used one of Noah’s Train as a basic model.
  • I first determined size of Thomas face using cookie cutters. Then I made the train in portion to his face.
  • Based on the model I was using I cut pieces of cake separately. I used relevant size cookie cutters for round parts of carriage.
  • I covered each piece with fondant to give it a cleaner look and because I think it made it easier to keep together.

  • I attached each piece to form the train with piping gel and toothpicks.
  • The wheels are balls of fondant lightly pressed flat.
  • For Thomas face I followed instructions from a fantastic blog I discovered called - 'how to cook that' Here is the link:

As I mentioned I was rushing when I was making this cake so I didn’t think about how to for the blog but I just wanted to give an overall gist of it. If you have any questions though please feel free to email or comment below.

Well back to life where I have taken out Noah’s lego, packed them up only to take them out again only to pack them up only to take them out again! Ah the life of a mummy! Love it!

Have a beautiful day.

Anita X


  1. Awesome cake. I love Thomas and his friends :)

    Following your blog

    Bismah @

    1. Thank you Bismah. I appreciate your comments and look forward to reading your posts. Love meeting fellow bloggers. Anita

  2. Hi there, passing through from Bloggy Moms! This is awesome! My son is a big fan of Thomas as well :)

    1. Thank you TK. I just discovered Bloggy Moms great site! Thank you for positive comment always helps! :)

  3. You did an awesome job on this cake! I'm sure it wasn't easy but you made it look that way