Saturday, 13 April 2013

Hi my name is Anita

and I am happy to finally join the blogging world. I have wanted to start a blog for a while now but my old digital Sony camera has kinda held me back. Until last week when I was flicking through my photo books and realised that my little old camera may not take the best pictures but it has captured beautiful countless memories of my family. So today I decided I would go ahead and start a blog using my trusty camera.

These are our yearly family photo books that I created through K-marts website.

I love that you can add as many photos as you like in the books without having photos falling out of photo albums or having that cluttered photo album effect on the shelves.

It was actually my husband’s idea to start creating the family photo books this way. It is a bit of work but I find that by keeping photos organised on my laptop it’s really easy to put the albums together. I organise all my photos by year, months and days, and sometimes events. Then at the beginning of every year I go to K-mart online and start creating an album which takes a couple of weeks.
I actually enjoy going through my photo books now! Thanks K-mart and not to forget to mention my trusty camera of course!

Oh and seeing how my two year old loves looking at photos of himself I created him a book. It’s all about him and his favourite’s things to do. I also wanted a record of his progress from Nathan and I rather than then the ones he gets from Child Care. I think when he is older he will appreciate it more coming from us than the childcare it will just be more personal. So I had two copies ordered one that he can read and enjoy now and one as a gift for when he is older.

And FYI It is his favourite reading book at the moment after all it’s all about him!

Either way using the old style photo albums or this type of photo book, I hope you get inspired to create beautiful memories.
LOVE Anita X

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