Sunday, 21 December 2014

Baby Shower Cake

Hi Friends,

It has been busy few months with my newborn baby, the craft fair and other things happening in our lives, but last week I was happy to have a little creative outlet make a baby shower cake.

I always love cake decorating because you never know the result until you get closer to the end and it is always rewarding. This cake was pretty easy and would have taken no more than a few hours to put together and decorate, however I was decorating in between my crying baby so my few hours was bit spread out over two days.

I do have to admit I took a lot of shortcuts. I wanted to avoid going to the shops with my little one so I mostly made do with what I had in my pantry and considering I was pleased with results.

Here are a few tips and pictures on make the cubes:

I cooked a simple coconut cake mixture in 3”x3”x3” tins.
I separated the fondant in three pieces and left one piece white, while colouring the other two in light pink and light blue colour.
I rolled the fondant and as I didn’t have a square cookie cutter, I used the cake tin to give me an outline which I cut with a knife.
I recommend letting the fondant set on the cubes for a couple of hours.
Using white fondant I cut some strips. I was a bit lazy to take out my rollers which 
would give me exact strips, instead I just cut them using a knife measuring by eye.
I also recommend letting the strips set just for a few minutes as they would be easier to attach to cake.

I then glued the strips on the cubes and let them set while I prepared footprints, numbers and stars to decorate the cubes.

I positioned the cubes on the cake and the cake board and finished it off with some cute booties.


And just cause I had cupcakes I thought may as well do something with them so I created the shape of a pram. Well at least it looks slightly like one ;)


Merry Christmas

Anita x

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