Monday, 7 October 2013

DIY Pottery Barn Boys Room Plane Art

Hi Friends
I made this plane art which I knocked off from Pottery Barn a few months ago. I am really happy with the way it turned out. It was a fun little project so I thought I would share about it.

If you enjoy painting this would be a fun project especially if you have boys!
  • I copied the picture from the Pottery Barn site, but you could use any picture you prefer.

  • Once I printed and enlarged it I traced the picture using carbon paper on a piece of wood I had in the garage which I had lightly stained previously using Feast Watson Stain.

  • I hand painted the picture using the Pottery Barn painting as a guide.

  • I framed it with some spare timber pieces I had in our garage using PVA glue. Then finished it off with an all purpose sealer.

This was a fun little project, maybe I will try a truck or train next time.

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Anita x


  1. You did such a nice job! It looks just as nice as the original Pottery Barn one and so much cheaper. I love this idea :)