Monday, 26 August 2013

DIY Chicken Wire Frame

I went to this really cute kids store the other week and saw a really cool chicken wire frame but I really didn’t want to pay $140 for something that I could make myself for less than $20!

I knew that one day I would make use of an old window frame I had sitting around the garage... I am on pin interest way too much! lol And seeing I needed somewhere to hang my little darling’s artwork I decided to use the old window frame for the chicken wire idea.

I am really happy with the way it turned out, my husband not so much (he is not sure why though ;) and my little one...well I think he is just impressed that he has somewhere that is specifically for his artwork!

How to:
  • My husband removed the old fly screen from the window frame. I repainted and sanded it to give it a weathered look.

  • Using a staple gun, my husband stapled the chicken wire to the frame stretching it often to keep it taut across the frame.

  • We finished at this point, but additionally you can cover the staples and chicken wire edges with another thin layer of material (e.g. thin plywood) to give a tidy look.

I purchased some small pegs from a craft store and hung my little boy’s artwork.

Every child is an artist. Pablo Picasso

I have seen people use this idea to hang photos or as a memo board, a very practical and cool idea.

Thank you Pin Interest yet again! ;)

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Have a super week.

Anita x