Thursday, 18 July 2013

DIY RHbaby&child Airplane Art

Hi Friends

Hope you have had a lovely week. I came across this picture on 

and thought it would look great in Noah’s room but as usual it’s a bit expensive considering I will probably only keep it hanging in his room for a year or two before I decide to redecorate!

So my lovely husband pulled apart some draws I had leftover from the closet I refurbished in my blog post as he thought that the wood make nice signs. He is so thoughtful.

So of course I thought I would try my hand at that vintage plane picture and I have to say I am very pleased with the way it turned out!

Here is how:

I stuck the sides of draw together with wood glue. Plus I added some extra strength on the back in the form of a thin piece of wood and screws for security because my lovely husband thought it would be better if I did! (When I don’t listen to him I always wish I did later! :)

Then I painted both sides black.
I sanded the edges with 180 grit paper to get the weathered look.

I enlarged and printed out the picture from on A4 canvas paper. The picture is good quality so it enlarged pretty well.

I then glued it on the wood using modge podge.

I roughly painted a white outline boarder. I didn’t want it to be perfect.

I then drilled some pilot holes around the edge of the picture so I could hammer black 15 x 1.6mm tacks.

I had very thin leftover one quarter moulding (not sure where from) and I got my hubby to cut it to fit the wood around the edges.
I painted them black and glued it with wood glue around the edges.

And there you have it my knockoff rhbabyandchild airplane picture!
When I get around to finishing Noah’s room I will take a picture of where I have put it.

Well, friends I hope you have an amazing weekend.

Here are those signs I did for my home, which I have no where to hang as of yet! :) 

Lotsa love and Blessings 
Anita x

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  1. You did a great job, it looks so much like the original. I bet it will be perfect on the wall!